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About DuraLoop

DuraLoop has taken the convenience, reliability and savings of inductive preformed loops one step further.
Helping you build the “intelligent” highways of the future, DuraLoop leads the inductive preformed loop industry by offering the following:

Cost Effective – DuraLoop offers factory direct purchasing and a smaller casing, which is easier and less
expensive to install.

Tested – DuraLoop factory tests all loops for resistance, inductive and “megger,” prior to shipping.

Saves Time and Resources – DuraLoop is quickly and easily installed reducing lane closure time and man-hours.

Modern Technology DuraLoop assures no separation of the loop casing from the tee.

No Replacement Needed – DuraLoop can be installed up to 16″ below the road surface to assure replacement is not needed during regrinds.

Dependable – DuraLoop proudly offers a 10-year guarantee against malfunction.

Availability – DuraLoop  maintains an extensive inventory at all times, ensuring your needs are met quickly.

Service –  DuraLoop maintains a staff of Service Representatives, Proposal Specialists and on-site Consultants.