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Customized Loops and Their Applications

DuraLoop’s engineering team has developed a state-of-the-art inductive preformed loop designed for many years of maintenance-free service.By utilizing modern technology, DuraLoop features a durable, watertight, temperature resistant loop, which repels corrosion and oils. DuraLoop assures no separation of the loop casing from the Tee.

Customization – We offer customized shapes and sizes tailored to any job and all specifications.


DuraLoop Specifications – TFFN/Teflon coated wire is encased in a nylon casing and then injected with an asphalt rubber compound.

DuraLoop Roadway Applications – 


Concrete Pour: Loops are attached to re-bar with vinyl ties or laid on the sub base with concrete over.


Existing Roadways:A saw slot is cut into existing concrete or asphalt roadway. Preformed loop is pushed into the slot and sealed into place as would a conventional loop, but without the time and energy of wrapping a wire in a slot.


Asphalt Overlays: Loops are attached to an existing surface or buried in a subbase and asphalt over.