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Sub- Surface Loops

Duraloops are preformed subsurface vehicle detection loops that are suitable for overlay projects and new road construction. These electromagnetic traffic detection loops are pre-wound and encapsulated in protective, adhesive bandage. Duraloops self-adhere to an adequate substrate or layer of pavement, and then are paved over. Duraloops are designed to be laid within the road pavement as a single unit, prior to either the initial lift or final lift. Duraloops may be installed as little as 1.5 inches beneath the surface without any reflective cracking. Signals can be activated (taken off recall) before paving. Duraloops are fast and easy to install; easy to pave over and never need maintenance. Duraloops are designed to last the life of the pavement. No longer will you encounter job delays due to coordination of saw cutting. With Duraloops, simply peel of the adhesive covering, stick them in place, and pave right over. By the time the paving is complete, the Duraloops can be wired and already providing signal control and vehicle detection. There’s no waiting for pavement to cure, repeat mobilization of work crews, saw cutting, or additional traffic control required. Install, pave, and traffic can flow!We can provide any size and style vehicle detector loop. Duraloops are the answer to meet vehicle detection requirements with the least cost, shortest project time, and minimum disruption to the public.